Monday, 28 August 2017

Parents may prepare a similar list to ask their preschoolers teacher.

With little children, one may as well get used to expecting the unexpected. They could exhibit different behaviors at home and contrasting behaviors at school. It is very common for kids to be naughty at home and be like quiet obedient children at school. Whichever the case may be, it is important to understand how your child behaves when not with you in order to give him or her right support and guidance as they are growing up. Top preschools in India conduct parent teacher meets to encourage interaction between the two to enable both to provide the best environment for the child. Parent teacher meeting is perfect opportunity to discuss behavioral matters and more as your preschooler's teacher spends a good part of her time with your child and is trained to understand and help your child professionally.
Kindergarten schools in India organize the meeting regularly. You would want to be prepared the next time you attend such a meeting in order to get the best out of it.  Parents may prepare a similar list to ask their preschoolers teacher. 

1.       How is my child interacting in school? Is he communicating with his age mates? Does he share? Who are his friends?
2.       How is my child doing emotionally? Does he cry to get attention? Is he aloof? Does he react appropriately to various situations? What do you advise we can do?
3.       What’s her favorite play activity? Is it appropriate for her age?
4.       How does she respond to rules and procedures? Do you have to remind her a lot or does she follow?
5.       How is my child progressing academically? Does she respond in class?
6.       What about her self-help skills? Is she able to complete tasks?
7.       How do you maintain discipline? How can I correct any negative behavior at home?
8.       What does my child enjoy the most in the nursery?
9.       What activities is he good at and what are his areas of improvement?
10.   Do you suggest or advise anything for positive reinforcement, potty training, self-help skills etc? 

While it is not necessary you may hear only positive things about your child, it is, therefore, necessary to come with an open mind and positive approach. Teachers at your child’s nursery in Thane or where you place your child, try their best to do the best they can for your child. They are trained to assist in the positive growth and development of all the children under their care without bias. Therefore whatever the feedback on your child, it is best to take it constructively. Some preschools also have day centers in Thane West which can be of immense benefit for working parents. With trained professionals in one of the top preschools in India taking care of your child, you can relax and attend to your work in a stress-free manner. Rainbow Preschool in Thane is one such pre school offering the services of a contemporary preschool with day care and after school activities.

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